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Stuff Wot I Have Wrote

By Char (Age Some and 3/4)

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Follow On - The Positive Meme
Whilst I'm thinking in a positive kind of way, I would like to introduce:

The Positive Meme

Write an entry about something that makes you happy or which you like very much. It can be as long or as short as you like, and about anything other than the following:

* Roleplay/gaming
* Your friends/family/partner
* The City of Lancaster
* Sex
* Booze, drugs and other harmful things

Go on, go nuts!

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(Deleted comment)
But what about chocolate chai? om nom nom....

(Deleted comment)
Sparkly dice. Crystal beast cards. Duck in pancakes. Any one of the small things that make the day just a teensy bit better.

Gloucester's nice...

But not really something that makes me happy.
Interesting TV shows. Doctor Who. Stargate (any flavour). That works.
Painting my Eldar (This isn't roleplaying/gaming. This is the painting aspect).
I think that about covers it, without mentioning those topics.
Proves how shallow my life is.

Consider this meme yoinked!

Wee! You list does now include new tech!



*Not*, dammit. Your list does *not* include new tech.

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